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Nepal General Information

A himalayan Kingdom

It is extremely important that you are in good physical condition before you embark on a trek in the world’s highest mountain ranges. It is equally important that you are mentally prepared and accept that when you are trekking you will be away from “civilization ” and the comforts of home.

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How to Enter Nepal

Travelling By Air

Travelling by air You can fly directly or indirectly to Kathmandu from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Doha, Dubai, Dhaka, Karachi, Munich, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Paro, Lhasa, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Calcutta and Varanasi.

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CLimate, History and Geography


Trekking in Nepal can be undertaken throughout the year. There are four distinct seasons in Nepal. Each season has its distinct attractions to offer. The seasons are classified as follows:

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Art and Architecture

Unique and Rich

Speckled with numerous exemplary works of art and architecture, Kathmandu Valley stands a testimony to ancient Nepal’s inclination toward the aesthetics. Several monuments in the Valley have been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is the only World Heritage Site outside the Valley in South Nepal.

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People and Custom

Diversity of Nepal

The population of Nepal is recorded to be about 28 million. Eighty – six percent of Nepalis follow Hinduism, while eight percent follow Buddhism and three percent follow Islam. The population comprises various groups of different races which are further divided into different castes.

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Embassy in nepal

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Embassy in Nepal & Consulates in Nepal Embassy of Australia Address: GPO: 879, Ktm, Bansbari Kathmandu, NEPAL Phone: 4371678, 4371466 Fax: 4371533

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